Mrs Lord’s literacy group have worked very hard on poetry this week.
July 2nd, 2014 by Mrs Lord

What is?


What is green? Leaves are green,

Falling in the autumn breeze.


What is blue? The sea is blue,

With fishes swimming through.


What is black? The night sky is black,

With shimmering stars dotted around.


What is yellow? The sun is yellow,

Like a dancing daffodil in the wind.


What is pink? The sunset is pink,

With a cloudy sky underneath.


What is red? Blood is red,

Gushing through our veins.


What is white? Snow is white,

Falling all around.


What is silver? A knight is silver,

Charging into battle.

7 Responses  
  • g.shepherd writes:
    July 2nd, 201410:44 amat

    I didn’t work on the poem, but I think it is excellent. I would love to read some of your other poems. Well done.

  • Tiegan Calderbank writes:
    July 2nd, 201411:10 amat

    This is a really good poem. I wish I could have given ideas to you. However,I was at the cathedral of Salford to get comissioned because I am a pupil chaplain. This is my idea for your poem.

    What is purple? Blackberries are purple,
    Full of oozing juice.

  • g.power writes:
    July 2nd, 201411:13 amat

    I didn’t get to work on this poem because I wasn’t at school. There are some very good ideas. My favourite line was green.

  • c.dove writes:
    July 2nd, 201411:17 amat

    I enjoyed working on this poem. The first line was my idea. I am glad you enjoyed reading our poem.

  • Lewis Mulligan writes:
    July 2nd, 201411:45 amat

    I enjoyed working on the poem and I shared lots of my ideas with the class. I hope you enjoy reading the poem.

  • Greg Finch writes:
    July 2nd, 201411:51 amat

    Despite the fact I didn’t have many ideas, I still enjoyed working on the poem and listening to other people’s ideas.

  • j.moran writes:
    July 7th, 20147:20 pmat

    My idea was pink.Do you like it?

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