School Trip
October 8th, 2014 by Mrs Rogerson

war museum 011 

war museum 009


Last week, the whole school visited the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. We had brilliant day and learned important information about World War One.

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  • r.brown writes:
    October 8th, 20141:41 pmat

    I really enjoyed it

  • r.blakeledge writes:
    October 8th, 20141:46 pmat

    I had a really good day. It was interesting and there was lots of fun things to do.

    My favourite part was going through the dark tunnel, that had strange noises like bombs going off.

  • s.laycock writes:
    October 8th, 20141:49 pmat

    The trip was brilliant! The main museum was brilliantly set up. The Fighting men who are enamies where the second best thing. The best thing was the first ever fireproof plane in my sketch book! Let’s battle for Britain

  • h.hunter writes:
    October 8th, 20141:49 pmat

    I enjoyed the museum it was very interesting . The best bit was in the workshop with Clair . I would like to go again!

  • h.williams writes:
    October 8th, 20141:52 pmat

    Corby looks so funny in that suit.

  • b.smith writes:
    October 8th, 20141:53 pmat

    I liked the war museum but it was not as I expected.

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