Pond-dipping at St Josephs
Jun 23rd, 2015 by b.kelly

Year 4/5 last week visited St. Joseph’s School in Horwich.  We were welcomed by the friendly teaching staff in the Science department.


To continue our topic work on water we were invited into the school’s nature garden.  We were set a wildlife challenge and had to hunt for the answers working in teams!

IMG_0472          IMG_0456          IMG_0471


IMG_0464        IMG_0462

The highlight of the visit for many of us was the pond dipping.  We were provided with nets and took turns to discover which pond life we could find.

IMG_0501        IMG_0519

IMG_0489          IMG_0509IMG_0476          IMG_0488

We found many different creatures…

IMG_0516       IMG_0508


We then brought our findings into Science laboratory to investigate further.  We used magnifying glasses and microscopes to look at our findings in more detail….

IMG_0527          IMG_0529         IMG_0521

IMG_0531           IMG_0523


Thank you to everyone at St. Joseph’s School for making us so welcome!

United Utilities visit Year 4/5!
Jun 2nd, 2015 by b.kelly

On Wednesday we received a visit from Jane at United Utilities.


Jane spoke to us about the importance of water and the role United Utilities play in the water cycle.

water cycle     water cycle 2     water cycle 3

We then had to workout the correct water cycle process…


cycle 1 cycle 2cycle 3 cycle 4 cycle 5  cycle 7 cycle 8 cycle

We were asked to think of ways we could save water.


Each of us was asked to workout how many litres we used in a day.

how much

Working in groups we were asked to think about issues different areas of the world had with water, we looked at the problems these communities faced and the affect this had on them.


We learnt about the role United Utilities play in the water cycle, this included how water was transported into our homes. Below are the old (black and metallic pipes) and the new (blue, plastic pipes).

pipe 2    pipe

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