Year 4/5 venture to Chester Zoo!
May 18th, 2016 by b.kelly

Yea4/5 recently visited Chester Zoo to find-out more about the animals who live in the Rainforest.

DSCF1377 DSCF1382  DSCF1390DSCF1392 

 DSCF2164   DSCF2162

Our topic this term has been about the Rainforest and all the children were excited to learn more about the different species who inhabited these tropical areas.DSCF2183DSCF1385DSCF2156

We were invited to the Chester Zoo Education Centre where the children learnt more about the different creatures.


Thankyou to all the staff at the zoo for making us feel welcome!

Viking Invasion in Year 4/5!!!
Mar 2nd, 2016 by b.kelly

Earlier in the year we had a ‘Viking Day’, we welcomed our Nordic visitor Jane to the class. On arrival we examined different Viking objects and artifacts…

DSCF1685             DSCF1686 DSCF1687             DSCF1688

DSCF1729           DSCF1733             DSCF1749    DSCF1747             DSCF1748  DSCF1759             DSCF1762

Several members of the class joined the clan and were appointed to different important positions – we looked at Viking fashion and tried-on different items of clothing…

DSCF1696          DSCF1699            DSCF1704                                                                                      DSCF1707               DSCF1709

We then had the chance to be fierce viking soldiers…

DSCF1802            DSCF1803           DSCF1804                                                                                                  DSCF1805             DSCF1806

We all had a great day and it made the Vikings truly come to life for us!

Pond-dipping at St Josephs
Jun 23rd, 2015 by b.kelly

Year 4/5 last week visited St. Joseph’s School in Horwich.  We were welcomed by the friendly teaching staff in the Science department.


To continue our topic work on water we were invited into the school’s nature garden.  We were set a wildlife challenge and had to hunt for the answers working in teams!

IMG_0472          IMG_0456          IMG_0471


IMG_0464        IMG_0462

The highlight of the visit for many of us was the pond dipping.  We were provided with nets and took turns to discover which pond life we could find.

IMG_0501        IMG_0519

IMG_0489          IMG_0509IMG_0476          IMG_0488

We found many different creatures…

IMG_0516       IMG_0508


We then brought our findings into Science laboratory to investigate further.  We used magnifying glasses and microscopes to look at our findings in more detail….

IMG_0527          IMG_0529         IMG_0521

IMG_0531           IMG_0523


Thank you to everyone at St. Joseph’s School for making us so welcome!

United Utilities visit Year 4/5!
Jun 2nd, 2015 by b.kelly

On Wednesday we received a visit from Jane at United Utilities.


Jane spoke to us about the importance of water and the role United Utilities play in the water cycle.

water cycle     water cycle 2     water cycle 3

We then had to workout the correct water cycle process…


cycle 1 cycle 2cycle 3 cycle 4 cycle 5  cycle 7 cycle 8 cycle

We were asked to think of ways we could save water.


Each of us was asked to workout how many litres we used in a day.

how much

Working in groups we were asked to think about issues different areas of the world had with water, we looked at the problems these communities faced and the affect this had on them.


We learnt about the role United Utilities play in the water cycle, this included how water was transported into our homes. Below are the old (black and metallic pipes) and the new (blue, plastic pipes).

pipe 2    pipe

WW1 display boards
Nov 5th, 2014 by Mrs Rogerson

image Y4/5 have been learning all about WW1. Above is a picture collage of our class display boards. The children have been working very hard on their art work and writing for the displays.

Class Assembly
Oct 24th, 2014 by Mrs Rogerson



Today was Year 4/5 class assembly. The class have been working very hard on this assembly. Mrs Rogerson and Miss Seddon are very proud of the children for all their efforts. Here are a few pictures of the children in their costumes.

School Trip
Oct 8th, 2014 by Mrs Rogerson

war museum 011 

war museum 009


Last week, the whole school visited the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. We had brilliant day and learned important information about World War One.

Sharing books at home winner
Oct 8th, 2014 by Mrs Rogerson


Faith Jolley- 'sharing the books at home' winner

Faith- ‘sharing the books at home’ winner


We have enjoyed sharing books by Michael Morpurgo in class. The winner of our ‘sharing books at home’ competition was Faith.

On winning the competition Faith said “I was very excited to win. I chose a book called Tom Gates”

Mrs Lord’s literacy group have worked very hard on poetry this week.
Jul 2nd, 2014 by Mrs Lord

What is?


What is green? Leaves are green,

Falling in the autumn breeze.


What is blue? The sea is blue,

With fishes swimming through.


What is black? The night sky is black,

With shimmering stars dotted around.


What is yellow? The sun is yellow,

Like a dancing daffodil in the wind.


What is pink? The sunset is pink,

With a cloudy sky underneath.


What is red? Blood is red,

Gushing through our veins.


What is white? Snow is white,

Falling all around.


What is silver? A knight is silver,

Charging into battle.

the rainforest
Jun 23rd, 2014 by

The rainforest is an interesting Place .

The butterfly is a very small creature that is very colourful .This butter fly is blue,black,and white it is a nice creature to have as a pet .If you wanted abutterfly as apet you would feed them leaves and other plants


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